For parents and children / teenagers

What is youth social work in schools?

Youth social workers work in schools but are not teachers. We belong to youth welfare. Our aim is to offer support and help to children, young people and their families. We want to support young people in their development.

We are the contact persons for students, parents and teachers.


As children and young people you can come to us if:


  • you are sad
  • there is a dispute
  • you just don’t know what to do anymore
  • there are problems at school or at home

…and many other topics.


As parents, you can contact us if:


  • you are worried about your child
  • you need support and advice in a crisis
  • you just want to talk to someone

…and many other topics.


We exchange ideas with parents but also with teachers and work closely together. We can also refer you to other support services if you need them.

Additionally, JaS offers projects with classes and small groups. It’s about topics like cohesion, feelings or self-confidence. This also includes campaigns and excursions where the children and young people can discover and experience a lot.

It is important to us that we are not allowed to pass on what is being told to us. We are under a duty of secrecy. In addition, our consultation is free and voluntary.

We always have an open ear for you!

Feel free to contact us!